7 Ways to Make February a Love-ly Month

Let’s be honest, January was a LONG month. It was snowy, it was colder than Siberia, and it seemed like it lasted for 87 days because most of us were stuck inside with our angelic whining children.

So as we begin this month of love, let’s make an effort to share it, savor it, and refresh those warm fuzzy feelings in all aspects of our lives. Here are seven easy ideas for making February a love-ly month:

  1. Rearrange a room: I don’t know about you, but sometimes all it takes is a sunny day, a little muscle, and a fresh vantage-point to remind me why I love my home. Rearrange your living room, your bedroom, or your mantle. This is YOUR space, after all. It deserves love, too.
  2. Bake for someone special: Nothing says “I love you” more than a freshly baked (or bought) treat. Bring in treats for the break room at work or send in treats for your child’s teacher. Visit a specialty bakery like La Patisserie Chouquette in St. Louis (see photo above). Just don’t forget to save a treat for yourself!
  3. Dress up: Make an extra effort this month to dress your best. I’m not saying you need to go shopping, but instead, be thoughtful with your attire and make every effort to look polished. You’ll be surprised at the confidence you’ll gain when you’re one of the best dressed people in a room.
  4. Do a craft with your kids: Whether you have washable paint, watercolors, markers, or slime, an hour of creative play can do wonders for your children (and your own sanity). Give a kid a cardboard box and a marker and watch the magic unfold!
  5. Plan a date: If you’ve got an available sitter, go out! Really–you deserve it! But if that’s not an option, plan a date-night at home with your special someone. Break out that cookbook, try something fancy, and pop that bottle of champagne! Oh yeah, and put those kids to bed early!
  6. Schedule self-care: Girl, get your hair done. Book it now, and take two hours to sit in silence with a magazine. Take that hot yoga or spin class on a Saturday afternoon. If all else fails, forget the exercise, and get a massage! Make yourself feel beautiful– because you are; you really are.
  7. Go out with your gals: Start a book club, dinner club, or wine night with your girlfriends. Everyone can commit to once a month, and February is the best month to start celebrating your girls. So get that group text going, the month is short, and female friendships are so important.

What are some ways that you plan to spread the love in February? Leave your ideas in the comments!

❤️ Natalie