The One Thing We Carry

We carry a lot in our tote bags.

I’m quite positive there is a Lego Minifigure and a secret stash of Smarties hidden somewhere in a pocket because—bribery is life with three kids.

But one thing we carry with us all day, even after we set down the tote bag at work or at home, is our scent.

For me, finding a signature scent was as much of a challenge as finding that perfect pair of jeans. I wanted more than something pretty—I wanted something clean, sophisticated, and elegant.

Thankfully, Phlur developed fragrances that are safe from the harmful chemicals, toxins, and hormone disruptors commonly disguised under the ingredient “fragrance” found in most products. Better yet, the scents are modern, beautiful, and as unique as the people who wear them.

Sample sets of three choice fragrances are available for 25% off, using my discount link:

And that’s not all you’ll get! For each sample set purchased, you’ll receive an $18 credit towards a full-sized bottle of your favorite fragrance!

After several samples, my current signature scent is Olmsted & Vaux. Described as “bright, crisp, and ultimately clean. Revitalizes with every wear, like an invigorating walk through Central Park,” it has notes of Sisho Leaf, White Ginger, Orange Flower, and Mate. And it makes me feel polished and powerful.

Finally, to marry with your signature fragrance, Phlur also offers body wash and lotion, along with luxurious candles in the same scent family. So if you’re still searching for a clean scent that fits like a glove, head on over to Phlur and order a sample set today. I can’t wait to hear which samples you choose! ❤️ Natalie [Paid partnership with Phlur]