That teacher-mom life

Last weekend, I sat in a Belleville coffee shop for two hours by myself. The fact that I was able to escape the chaos in my own home for two hours of solitude was an achievement in itself; so I knew I had to make the most of my time.

You see, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how I can best use this blog and my social media to serve others. So I bought a latte, and took a seat. Well, actually, I changed my seat three times. Like Goldilocks; the first seat was too wobbly, the second was too loud, but the third was just right. I finally sat next to a small group meeting, led by a confident Godly woman who was quietly preaching about finding your life’s mission.

Talk about prophetic!

So there I sat, partially eavesdropping, mostly reflecting. And then it hit me: teacher-moms! My mission came to me like a jolt of caffeine: I want to spread beauty and light for that teacher-mom life.

Now let me be clear, I hope that my message resonates with working-moms, work-from-home, stay-at-home, and non-moms alike. But if I’m being honest, I know I can truly serve teacher-moms because I am one.

I know that life of little sleep, daycare drop-offs, standardized tests, and IEP meetings. I’ve struggled through the exhaustion of the baby/toddler phase, the exasperation with classroom behavior, and the desperation of not knowing how to make any of the situations better. And while I don’t have a magic pill for sale, I do have something to offer: Perspective.

For me, my life completely changed when, as cheesy as it sounds, I found “the light.” Spiritually, I had found myself on a journey in faith, and once I made a conscious effort to move closer to God, and to seek those things important to Him, my perspective instantly changed. Physically, I made the bold decision to leave my current tenured teaching job, and to accept a position at a different school. This move not only lit up my spirit, but also completely transformed my energy in the classroom.

My life has brightened considerably over the past three years. Sure, I still question my sanity when I assign book reports and essays for the same due-date. And yes, I occasionally scream like a banshee when my children fight at the dinner table. But overall, I’ve learned that beauty, shared in a clean and simple way, can provide just enough light to brighten even the dimmest of days.

I hope you’ll follow along.

❤️ Natalie